This one’s from the archives – because my creativity as empty as this parking lot these days… Total blank on inspiration.

June 21, 2008 | 6 comments
Architecture friskyGreen(TM)



  • John Maslowski on 21.06.2008 @ 22:55

    Great perspective and like the wide angle view. The tones are what really impress me with this shot, excellent job.

  • Ian on 23.06.2008 @ 07:33

    Great composition & tones.

  • John on 24.06.2008 @ 19:24

    Great composition here. I like the subtle break in symmetry from the shadow and building.

  • crash on 26.06.2008 @ 13:02

    wow ... having a flashback from the days when I used to drive to work every day to Jersey City and had to park on the roof ... !

  • Josef Renklint on 27.06.2008 @ 08:01

    Nice work! I love most of your shots, and am now subscribing to your feed. Feel free to check out my photos at

  • snapmypicture on 07.07.2008 @ 10:51

    Nice perspective, and i like how it's empty... surrealist... Good work!