The China Town Classifieds Section

This wall in New York City was plastered by classified ads from people. Seems like this is China Town’s Classifieds Section.

Also: My interview with the Photography Magazine is now live. Check it out please. Thanks to Saskia from iLoveThatPhoto for inviting me.

June 11, 2009 | 3 comments
D700 New York City

EXIF: Aperture: ƒ/1.8 | Exposure bias: -2/6EV | Focal length: 50mm | ISO: 200 | Shutter speed: 1/640s |


  • Ben on 11.06.2009 @ 08:58

    Great contrast of neon colors and grungy textures. As usual, awesome shot! Love seeing people in your photos. Seems like you capture a split second of their time and make it your own. :)

  • Jaol on 11.06.2009 @ 09:21

    Wonderful the details, great the constrast of the two walls and the woman providing the human touch in the city. Brilliant.

  • Susu on 11.06.2009 @ 10:25

    I love the flashiness in the shot - it serves for a nice contrast and brings the urban decor to life.