This is the Kiyomizu-dera (清水寺) Buddhist temple and shrine in Kytoto, Japan. Kiyomizu means pure water, which refers to the spring water that runs thru the temple. The temple dates back to about 800 AD. I learnt there that not one nail is used in all the buildings in this temple. Over in the background is the city of Kyoto.

I had a great day there just roaming around the temple grounds, drinking from the natural spring water (after paying a “donation” of 500 YEN to do so!) for its healing powers, and later I had the best cold Sōmen noodles Ive ever had.

July 21, 2009 | 4 comments
Architecture D700 Japan

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  • PapiGiulio on 21.07.2009 @ 00:24

    SICK shot! Nice redesign btw, love it.

  • wei on 21.07.2009 @ 02:10

    gawd! lovely image. i wish i could go to japan one day....

  • Omar on 23.07.2009 @ 11:44

    beautiful place. I like this lovely shrine

  • Mike Dougan on 11.08.2009 @ 08:45

    Fantastic shot, I love how the temple roof has a clear space in the sky but that the clouds are building around it.

    None off the traditional buildings in Japan use nails, just interlinked wooden beams, flexible, for all the earthquakes.

    In the Kobe quake it was all the modern buildings and structures that collapsed, the old house survived.