This amazing and breathtaking place is where we went on our honeymoon: A small private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean in the Maldives. To get there you have to take a 4-hour flight to Male from Dubai, the capital of Maldives. This is followed by a 60-min flight in a small prop-plane, which is then followed by a 90-min speed boat ride. It took us a full day to get there but when we got there – wow, was it ever worth it! The resort is brand new and was voted the Top 10 Best Resorts in the world in 2010. Due to the remote location, the night sky was full of bright stars. We even saw Jupiter and its moons through a small telescope one night. Magical.

I titled this post ‘LOST’ not only because its an Island – but I Immediately wanted to return as soon as we left the Island. Fans of LOST know what Im talking about.

December 22, 2010 | 20 comments
D700 Maldives

EXIF: Aperture: ƒ/11 | Exposure bias: -4/6EV | Focal length: 24mm | ISO: 200 | Shutter speed: 1/200s |


  • Frank on 22.12.2010 @ 09:14

    I wish I could be there. A beautiful place!

  • Raj on 22.12.2010 @ 09:20

    You've captured what the Maldives is all about. very nice.

  • Ben on 22.12.2010 @ 09:26

    What a beautiful place on earth!

  • papigiulio on 22.12.2010 @ 10:12

    hallleeeeluujaah this is heaven. Damnit I was too late proposing to you.

  • Bee on 22.12.2010 @ 12:46

    Ok now I want to cry ...
    Am off to cry ...


  • Klaus on 22.12.2010 @ 14:01

    incredible colors ... that place is on my wishlist ;-)

  • Oscar on 22.12.2010 @ 15:50

    Genialfor winter.I like the diagonal with the palm

  • Christopher on 22.12.2010 @ 16:00

    Well it doesn't get much more idyllic than this! Wonderful shot and a spectacular choice for a honeymoon. Cheers!

  • Otto K. on 22.12.2010 @ 17:43

    beautiful image. seems like a real paradise place for your honeymoon.

  • Claus Petersen on 22.12.2010 @ 18:48

    Looks like a place I would like to visit, now we a having all this snow here in Denmark!

  • joshi daniel on 23.12.2010 @ 01:35

    beautiful and looks like heaven :D

  • fabrizio on 23.12.2010 @ 03:44

    great use of space and enchanting place, wonderful

  • Justin Van Leeuwen on 23.12.2010 @ 08:24

    We all die sometime.

  • rian on 26.12.2010 @ 18:06

    you guys sure chose a beautiful spot to have your honeymoon.. i'm sure it must be really lovely..

  • Heidi on 28.12.2010 @ 09:58

    Heh frisky, I left a very long comment here for this FANTASTIC image, but it did not come through! Maybe the comment was too long? Or too good? ;o)

  • Boris on 30.12.2010 @ 04:33

    Waouw ! Would love to be there... Beautiful photograph

  • Michelle on 02.01.2011 @ 17:21

    Fantastic, worth every moment of travel just from the photo.

  • Kevin P. on 06.01.2011 @ 16:16

    Great color and landscape. It's a dream ?

  • paolo on 28.02.2011 @ 15:05

    is this Heaven ?
    i am in love with this !

  • Phil Vaughn on 23.10.2013 @ 22:47

    How could you not love this? I might call this 'FOUND!"...and what a find it is. Thanks for the story and context and for sharing this bit of beauty.