Thanks for all your comments on the previous shot… Im glad that some people noticed that I have been shooting stuff lately that might not be my usual style, and I guess I needed some reassurence that the new style was any good at all… But I will take your words as encouragement and keep pushing myselfl because really thats how Im going to improve as an “artist.” Although I hardly think I am that, just a Geek With a Camera.

Some people did email me saying that they still had problems commenting but Im glad that most of you lot can in fact post comments OK. I need to find out why some people can’t comment…

July 2, 2006 | 6 comments



  • Dean on 02.07.2006 @ 05:27

    Artist in da house. Frisk, chill out dude, we love the style, it's evolving nicely. I have had people say they can't comment on my site too at times, so maybe it's just a sticky part of our blogging world? I don't know, I do know, that if I wanted to comment and I couldn't i'd just email the comment. P.S. why do I like these cars even though i'm 6'4" and would never fit!

  • christine on 03.07.2006 @ 13:23

    i love smart cars! lovely shot.

  • emma on 03.07.2006 @ 15:43

    i'd beat it in my mini ;) great framing!

  • Brandon Crain on 04.07.2006 @ 13:55

    Great shot, that car is wicked cool.

  • noushin on 10.07.2006 @ 13:43

    I love these tiny cars, this one has my favorite color too.

  • AJ on 16.07.2006 @ 01:20

    don't know anything about smart car but his is great shot. I love the colors and also the silhouette.