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July 9, 2006 | 20 comments
B&W San Francisco



  • nathan on 09.07.2006 @ 15:21

    love the new look. just to let you know that with my crazy resolution (1920x1440) the gradient does not go to the ends.. not a big deal. esp. most people are are using less resolution. but a heads up none the less

    anyway.. kickass shot!

  • Dean on 09.07.2006 @ 17:13

    great shot faisal, i nearly tried this in the UK in Nottingham a few weeks back until I noticed I was about to walk straight out into the middle of a five-way junction!! Funny how seeing a shot makes me lose all inhibitions of survival!

  • shaped on 09.07.2006 @ 17:55

    very nice shot. great view.

  • Ameen on 09.07.2006 @ 18:26

    great view. amazing

  • matt on 10.07.2006 @ 09:49

    Great perspective on a frequently-photographed subject. Inspired by this one, I've put up my own (much more cliche) version of a streetcar photo.

  • Daniel Seguin on 10.07.2006 @ 10:49

    Classic shot! I had totally forgotten you live in San Fran. Right on, this is great (and the B&W works really well here too)

  • NoWords on 10.07.2006 @ 12:57

    such a fine b&w! well done!

  • Rui on 10.07.2006 @ 18:49

    great capture! :)

  • m a r i n u s on 11.07.2006 @ 05:53

    its a nice B&W shot, classic and really well done, and nothing wrong with a good classic

  • nuno f on 11.07.2006 @ 06:57

    I continue experiencing problems while trying to post comments.

  • nuno f on 11.07.2006 @ 06:58

    Well, it seems that my last comment make through after all.

    This is a beautiful cityscape. I can almost feel the urban life through this photo. Well done as always. :-)

    Now, get out of there.

  • dilly on 11.07.2006 @ 09:22

    Great shot, love the b&w especially.

  • frisky? on 11.07.2006 @ 10:01

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate all the comments and support!

  • Heidi on 11.07.2006 @ 17:34

    One - Two - Three, check check... hmmr, just checking whether this bloody comment system works for me again.... I so much like to comment, but it just refuses me over and over again... ;-/

  • Heidi on 11.07.2006 @ 17:35

    :-) Eureka!

  • frisky? on 11.07.2006 @ 18:23

    Heidi: Hmm, looks like my Anti-Heidi code is NOT working again. ;-)

  • Ian on 12.07.2006 @ 07:23

    Awesome shot.. Love the wide angle for this - Really suits it.

  • jasonspix on 12.07.2006 @ 09:30

    Very cool, like the B&W

  • spooky tooth on 12.07.2006 @ 22:53

    verly vely nice swot

  • Andrew Knapp on 19.07.2006 @ 19:04

    Your photos have a quality to them that I aspire for ... This one too is very good. You captured the moment nicely, I could place myself at that spot.