Frisky Business

My new ‘business’ cards that are anything but business… I love these things!

November 8, 2006 | 12 comments



  • Mark [londonrubbish] on 08.11.2006 @ 22:14

    They're great aren't they?

  • Daniel on 08.11.2006 @ 23:30

    yeah i got a bunch delivered to bangkok the other day, in fact 4 days after ordering and im WELL impressed with the quality. So much so they are now replacing my other business cards

  • frisky? on 08.11.2006 @ 23:44

    Yep! Moooooooo! I too was surprised how incredible the quality was! I havent given any away yet. Dont want to! Def gonna order some more!

  • Ian on 09.11.2006 @ 04:59

    I've got a couple hundred of these things now.. Overall I'm quite happy with how they all turned out, except for a few which were fairly dark and the crop was a little off.. Yours look great! Especially the green on the car..

  • PaulB on 09.11.2006 @ 06:27

    They look great, mind you having good images on them helps... Where did you order them from?

  • Aman on 09.11.2006 @ 16:19

    great work f... these would definitely stand out from the norm.

  • nferreira on 10.11.2006 @ 09:35

    Mine are in it's way. :-)

  • Heidi on 11.11.2006 @ 05:00

    supercool! can you perhaps provide the website?!

  • Daniel Seguin on 15.11.2006 @ 09:14

    Yo! Those look really really nice. Where did you get them done?

  • Duffy on 15.11.2006 @ 11:39

    Wau... I want some too!
    Where did you guy's get these made?

  • miklos on 18.11.2006 @ 11:10

    I want some :(

  • Kerly on 07.01.2007 @ 17:59

    Yeah, please tell more about where did you get those done?