The Office - Looking Up

My workflow is shot to hell. Ever since I pretty much ditched my PC and moved to my new MacBookPro I cant process any images! I used Lightroom for a bit but its too bloated and it sucks. Need Aperture yo!

December 11, 2006 | 7 comments
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  • Daniel Seguin on 11.12.2006 @ 20:49

    Hot shot, looks like the ceiling to a really cool office loft. Nice! Re: Aperture vs. Lightroom... If your MacBook Pro is sluggish with Lightroom, forget about Aperture (in my opinion of course... :) I was using Aperture on my Dual 2 Ghz G5 with 1.5 GB RAM and the thing ran like molasses. I switched to lightroom, which for me ran lightning speed. Dunno.. My two cents. ;)

  • SD on 12.12.2006 @ 00:17

    Nice, man. Very post industrial feel to this.

  • Heidi on 12.12.2006 @ 16:27

    So this is your office?! Bloody damn big! Must be very inspiring to work there! I dunno nothing about Aperture and Lightroom I am afraid... I live in the PC edge...

  • Daniel on 12.12.2006 @ 19:54

    fight club office? ;)
    ok this is the last one about fight club. it's enough... ;)
    seems a nice place... and you give something more with the pp...

  • Daniel on 12.12.2006 @ 20:02

    sorry for the "composition" of the above comment... please edit it and cancel this one! sorry again... :-[

  • riesenriel on 15.12.2006 @ 06:17

    Great industrial shot with a very nice angle and tones. Well composed!

  • skevbo on 14.01.2007 @ 20:56

    I love industrial pictures, this one is fantastic. The silver with the lighting and the slight reflections is wonderful!