Skate Blur

December 14, 2006 | 3 comments



  • Daniel on 15.12.2006 @ 14:19

    like the smoothness of this one! ehi, there's a sort of connection between us: when i just finished the first sentence of this comment you posted yours on my last picture... little scary... ;) ps: what's the little "stain" in the center of the image? i just tried to remove it from the monitor... :)

  • frisky? on 15.12.2006 @ 14:23

    Funny!!! The 'stain' is a minute piece of dust on my camera's sensor. I tried to clone it out in PS - but I decided to leave it be...

    I just cleaned my D70's sensor so its all good now. :-)

  • SD on 15.12.2006 @ 22:19

    I like your take on an ice skating shot. No damn annoying shiny happy people, just blades!