Coffee and a Mac

Er, thats coffee *cup* and a mac. Have a great christmas everyone! I will post new stuff soon… Ive been crazy busy these past few months and as a result this blog has suffered.

December 20, 2006 | 8 comments



  • owen on 21.12.2006 @ 04:34

    beautiful! I love the grain.

  • ChrisK on 24.12.2006 @ 10:22

    You and me both my friend. This is the first comment I have made on a blog in months! that Coffee looks very inviting. That grain looks like a full frame 1600 ISO. Have a great Christmas!

  • Phil on 27.12.2006 @ 17:32

    Great composition & processing, this is a very nice shot. Am I imagining things or is that you I can see in the rim of the cup?

  • zac on 29.12.2006 @ 10:52

    nice one. that's me right now... a mac and coffee. have a happy new year.

  • Tanja on 30.12.2006 @ 07:28

    beautiful shot....reminds me of my own work place and long hours!

  • Kerly on 07.01.2007 @ 17:43

    Mmm, smells like coffee...

  • Joe on 13.01.2007 @ 21:47

    Fantastic. Love the grain!

  • 6oh on 26.01.2007 @ 03:38

    ok, i love the grain in this image almost as much as i love my espresso. almost. great shot, man.