Ready to Rock

M3… Ready for some action! I thought I’d continue the ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ these I’ve got going in the past few shots…

January 26, 2007 | 12 comments
Automotive friskyGreen(TM)



  • orange on 26.01.2007 @ 15:45

    Love the color and the lighting in this one! Is that your's?

  • P.J. on 27.01.2007 @ 02:41

    Yes! A BMW! Sweeeet! Nice job!

  • Ian on 27.01.2007 @ 03:51

    Great shot.. Lighting and composition is excellent!

  • Simon C on 27.01.2007 @ 04:45

    This shot has a degree of menace to it. Lovely piece of kit. I could stretch to a 5D, but this is beyond me!

  • Daniel on 27.01.2007 @ 05:41

    oh he lives the life does our Frisky!

    in reality he drives a skoda and this is parked next to it :p
    I love the colours here and the post production, very dark and subdued, me likes

  • Philipp on 27.01.2007 @ 11:10

    Colors and composition are very nice.
    The M3 is perfectly lit.

  • Shazeen Samad on 27.01.2007 @ 12:23

    A very lonely car:)

    Love the composition/light

  • owen on 27.01.2007 @ 15:22

    Reminds me of the film 'The Transporter'. Very enjoyable film. Nice pic too. The Beamer looks like it's about to burn off with a squeal of burning rubber!

  • SD on 27.01.2007 @ 20:44

    I like how you framed this, your shot gives the car personality - it looks eager.

  • frisky? on 28.01.2007 @ 12:46

    Many thanks guys!

  • emma on 28.01.2007 @ 15:14

    i'm with ownen on the transporter film feel! great car, great shot - my cooper s would have fun trying to keep up ;)

  • 19 Seconds Of Spring on 29.01.2007 @ 19:48

    Nice lightning... Beautiful tones!