Flag Girl

I love the Virgin Atlantic’s WWII-inspired pinup girls at the front of their aircraft. This is the A340 I recently took. It was a rainy and miserable day – thus the dark mood to this shot.

May 31, 2007 | 4 comments
friskyGreen(TM) London



  • jyoseph on 31.05.2007 @ 15:41

    I covet thine tint...

    This is kind of a quirky photo with the lady who appears to be flying (and if I'm correct, ripping) through a british flag?)

    I'm with you though I love the old pinup art.

  • crash on 01.06.2007 @ 15:23

    nice! cool logo! it would be nice if it had one of those old WWII bomber paint jobs! put that would not be politically correct these days ..!

  • elaine on 02.06.2007 @ 12:24

    lol! very funny shot! i had never seen the pin ups there! reminds me of old films but turned into something else!

  • Yao on 30.06.2007 @ 08:31

    I love the colour in this one, it really matches the feel of the oldschool pinup on the plane IMO. Loving it all the way, this would without hesitation be put up on my wall in A2 size if I had it ;-))