Hidden Bridge

Hidden Bridge. Hidden behind thick fog. Thats San Francisco for you.

[UPDATE] After sAm’s sugesstion, I have posted a black & white version of this shot here. [/UPDATE]

November 20, 2007 | 8 comments
B&W San Francisco



  • sAm on 20.11.2007 @ 05:20

    Another cracking shot here, IMHO, I think a monotone approach would work better here. But thats just an opinion and it doesn't take anything away from this excellent shot, could see this hanging on peoples walls...

  • Papigiulio on 20.11.2007 @ 08:13

    naisss job bro. :)

  • Ian on 20.11.2007 @ 08:21

    Great!! That's an awesome scene you've captured..

  • frisky? on 20.11.2007 @ 11:40

    Thanks guys!

    @sAm: You're right. I was torn between the colour or the B&W on this one. I've updated the description on the left with a link to the B&W version. The B&W is going up on my wall soon. :-)

  • Rose on 20.11.2007 @ 14:42

    Well, I like both of them, the BandW and the colour version :) I think this one is more soft, and it has little colour, so that little colour maybe even gives it a little extra... But in fact I really can't choose, it's a beautiful picture :)

  • slak on 22.11.2007 @ 09:23

    Simply wonderful. What an incredible mood!

  • elaine on 22.11.2007 @ 13:44

    wow! wonderful with the fog!

  • Simon C on 23.11.2007 @ 03:40

    Terrific mood. The combination of waves and fog is particularly compelling. Not 100% sure about the composition. The foreground rock is a tiny bit too tight to the edge of the frame for my taste (something I notice you do quite a lot) and overall there's perhaps too much dead space to the right.