friskyRecords First CD

Something personal and not really photography related today. This is the first release of my brand new record label friskyRecords.

7 years ago I basically started messing around with a dance music internet radio stream. It was more of a “because I can, so why not?!” thing rather than “Im going to start a radio station” thing. friskyRadio was born.

Fast forward to today. friskyRadio is now heard in more than 126+ countries all over the world. And now, the first CD of the friskyRecords music label is out. I couldnt be more proud. This CD is the result of very hard work over the past year and here it is! Thats why you havent seen me post new pictures here lately.

If you like dance music, you might wanna pick it up and support my new start-up. Its available on Amazon, iTunes and more. Click here to learn how you get your paws on it.

March 26, 2008 | 6 comments



  • schmee on 26.03.2008 @ 11:48

    congrats! the record label thing is a lot of work so i hope it pays off for you.

  • Rose on 27.03.2008 @ 05:31

    Wow, that's amazing! And a really good reason to not post pictures ;-) Congrats, Frisky!

  • Peter on 28.03.2008 @ 11:28

    the cover of the CD is well-done, i like it. maybe i'll tune in friskyradio some times ;)

  • zac on 29.03.2008 @ 08:55

    word. congrats dude!

  • Heidi on 29.03.2008 @ 13:59

    C.o.n.g.r.a.t.s Frisky?!!!!!! I'm proud of you tooo!!!

  • deceptive on 02.04.2008 @ 17:13

    Congrats.. I hope it does well for you.